4 Reasons To Stay In a Serviced Apartment in Hanoi

A typical serviced apartment for rent in Cau Giay district

A serviced apartment is a well-equipped apartment that offers the unique comforts, privacy and services of a home. The difference from a serviced apartment to a normal one is its run hotel with staffs that service your apartment. Serviced apartments for rent in Hanoi are getting more and more popular these days due to its convenience.

If you are still skeptical about the need for a serviced apartment, here are some reasons why they are a good option.


Possibly this is the best part of a serviced apartment. You will experience the best of both worlds: home-style living with hotel service. Professional housekeepers will assist you with the cleaning. Daily linen service is given so well you don’t have to lift a finger and save your time.

Your house will always be kept clean and tidy

A serviced apartment also means a fully furnished and well equipped one. From big items such as TV, couch, dinning table to small items such as hangers, linens and towels, everything is ready. You just need to bring your luggage and immediately start your new life here – it’s that easy.

No need to worry about long-term lease

The long-term lease always comes with the concerns about loss of income when the property is vacant. But this don’t apply with a serviced apartment. The management company will lease the apartment from you, then offer the apartment for short-term stays (like a hotel). You are now is the investor, and you are still guaranteed your rent. Another thing is that because the lease is long, there’ll be no periods of vacancy between short-term tenants, offering more security to the owner.


Serviced apartment is usually located at a secured condominiums that comes with 24 hours security guards on patrol. You will find that they’re complete with 24-hour CCTV, secure entry and round-the-clock staff and service. In Hanoi, the safety is not so good but you can always feel in peace when staying here. In addition, serviced apartments are often private, separated from the hustle of bustle.

Security is always better in serviced apartments


Serviced apartments are extremely flexible. Normally, there’s no set amount of time that you’ll need to stay. Whether you’re looking to stay for a month or a year, a serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi makes a great option. They offer much greater freedom compared to other choices. As most apartments come fully furnished, there’s no need for you to purchase furniture, nor remove it when you leave. So you not only can save on removal costs but also your time. There’s also no deposit, as is the case with a fixed tenancy. Better still, there’s less paperwork and no notice period. And if you have some guests, they also benefit from access to maintenance and support services at no extra cost.

In Hanoi, serviced apartments for rent in Cau Giay district are among the best ones you can get. Cau Giay district is the second home of many expats, especially Japanese and Korean. Therefore, there are plenty of professional serviced apartments for rent in both short and long term. The options are rich with several  types of apartments from 1 to 3 bedrooms with a small area of ​​about 30m2 to the largest of about 200m2. Fully furnished, elevator, security and many free services are waiting for you.

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