Some suggestions when buy a house in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, where it is home to a large number of people, including both local and foreigners. This increases the demand for rental housing and housing in Hanoi. If you intend to buy a house in Hanoi, you can find more information as follows. You will better understand the housing situation in the capital.

Housing situation in Hanoi

Every year, the real estate market tends to pause supply in the last months of the year, which affects the growth of the quarter. However, this reflects only part of the supply in the third quarter of 2017, while purchases have risen by 40% as buying or selling is still the hottest demand. The calendar year is nearing its end. Leading districts are Hai Ba Trung, Ha Dong and Hoang Mai.

In the third quarter of the year, Hanoi’s average land area stood at 51m2 with an average selling price of VND4.4 billion / unit. While in the suburbs, the average price dropped by 13 – 15%, the central area increased slightly by 1%, in particular Hoang Mai district jumped about 22%.

Real estate in Hanoi always attracts customers
Real estate in Hanoi always attracts customers

The capital city is still the most expensive area with the price equivalent to the previous quarter is 119 million / m2, in which Dong Da District has the highest purchase in this area while the supply decreased by 15%. Away from the suburbs, Soc Son district has the lowest average housing price in the capital, at an average of 3.1 million VND / m2 and supply also decreased by 17%.

Still in the near-central area, Ha Dong District owns high search volume – the top 2 but with the soft price about 60 million /m2, up slightly (2 – 3%) compared to the second quarter. In the north, District of Tu Liem is also considered as the suitable choice of the medium segment with the price about 55 million/m2, the price is competitive over the previous quarter: 10% lower than the second quarter.

If your budget is high, so you can buy in Dong Da and Thanh Xuan districts, where prices are stable about 110 million /m2 and 85 million/m2 respectively. These two counties are always the predominant choice of high end buyers.

Particularly, Hoai Duc and Dong Anh districts are a good choice for those who have lower budgets. These two districts are also located adjacent to the central districts of Tu Liem and Tay Ho and have a house price of VND 30 million/m2 in Hoai Duc district and VND 15 -18million/m2 in Dong Anh district.

Learn the experience of buying a house in Hanoi

When you have a desire to buy a house in Hanoi, you will need to learn some more. Only when you know clearly, you can choose the best house for you.

Choosing a house for sale in Hanoi with convenient location

The first thing that you need to care about is choosing a home that has convenient location.

Choosing a home with a contracted location gives you more advantages. But you need to find out about housing prices in specific areas before buying a home. The locations near the city center when prices are also much higher than other areas.

Buying a house near the city center helps you travel conveniently but at a fairly high price. If you are eligible, you can buy a home here. If you can’ afford to buy a home, you may consider buying a home in the neighborhood.

Clearly identify the needs of buying a home

Most of us mobilize or have in hand about 1 billion, our real needs are:

How to choose a house to buy in Hanoi?
How to choose a house to buy in Hanoi?
  • House near center for working, children go to school (Hai Ba Trung, Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Cau Giay, Hoang Mai)
  • The house has full legal documentation
  • Wide alley house, at least motorbikes to avoid each other, near the road, so taxi can park near the house, emergency room
  • Old apartment, or small house in the alley has 3, 4 floors
  • Area less than 30 m2 corresponding to the price of less than 1 billion.

Of course, with the above requirements, it is difficult to find the product on demand if found in newspapers, networks, advertising. But if you are hard to filter information, learn more facts, through word of mouth, friends, relatives … then I assert is full of houses. However, you should know the information carefully, now there are quite a lot of information about buying and selling real estate.

Learn about legal issues

To know the house is not planning, spend a little money to the police ward or ward to find out the planning, or ask the people around the area. Note, please don’t name the property you are buying, in case the landlord hooks up with someone else for inaccurate information, the home buyer fraud scheme.

View the red book, if the two-storey house, but the red book only the land, it means the house is not allowed, if the State later recovered, only the value of land to compensate, you argue to claim a reduction. price.

If the real area is 30 m2 but in the red book only 27 m2, it proves that they encroached 3 m2, so you negotiate only to buy the part in the red book.

If you buy a 4th-floor home, less than 30 m2, please ask the landlord for a building permit for the property, which usually costs a lot of money for the landlord. Once completed you should deposit new money.

This is the information you need to keep in mind if you want to buy a house in Hanoi. Let’s find the right house for sales to buy. In addition, you should consider your pocketbook before choosing to buy a home.

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