Da lat house rental and the new trend of houses market in vietnam

The strong development of the tourism industry along with favorable natural factors, Da Lat is increasingly attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit, so that helped the development strongly diversified forms of tourism, services, production and export of international quality agricultural products, etc gradually integrating into the market economy.

Dalat has become the golden land, which is attracting investors and strategic business on a large scale in many areas – leading to the exciting of Da lat house rental market in particular and Lam Dong province in general.

The factors that attract the rental market in Da Lat

Modern infrastructure and transport systems

Although a highland city, Da Lat is considered one of the first 15 urban areas with the economy, social and infrastructure development highest in the country. Infrastructure and infrastructure in Da Lat is increasingly modern, city planning is quite clear, stable …

In addition, according to the planning policy of Lam Dong People’s Committee, Da Lat not only expand the scale but also improve the quality of infrastructure (city building, general hospital Lam Dong). This is also one of the reasons why the rental market of apartments in Da Lat has increased sharply in recent years.

DaLat not only expanded in size but also renovated in a quality way than the construction
DaLat not only expanded in size but also renovated in a quality way than the construction

Transport system connecting Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Phan Rang, Phan Thiet has been expanded. From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors only take 3 hours drive to Bao Loc city, 40 minutes to Lien Khuong airport and 30 minutes to Da Lat. These are the factors that attract Da Lat in general and the real estate market in Dalat is developing.

If you go from Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, Vung Tau to here, you also take about 2-3 hours. After completion of Dau Giay – Bao Loc – Lien Khuong expressway, this move will reduce to half the time. After Lien Khuong becomes an international airport, it will create favorable conditions for visitors to Lam Dong. It also plays an important role in reducing tourist traffic for Cam Ranh Airport.

Landscape location

With a mild climate, lively year round, lively landscape, Da Lat is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. Every year, this place attracts millions of domestic and foreign visitors to visit and relax, promoting the rental market of Da Lat.

A corner of Truc Lam Monastery
A corner of Truc Lam Monastery

Some famous attractions in Dalat include Truc Lam Monastery; Tuyen Lam Lake; Valleys love; Xuan Huong Lake …. extremely beautiful and romantic. In addition, Da Lat is also known as flower city, the largest flower supply and agricultural supply in the South.

Architectural design

Architecture is also a unique feature to attract tenants in Dalat. The typical European-style architecture of Dalat’s houses has a strong, liberal, a little nostalgic elegance and is very lively.
The early development of the rental model – Hometel in Dalat is popular with many real estate investors.

Dalat house for rent is become hotter and hotter

Although not as hot as many other cities, according to the comments of economic experts, with the issuance of new land prices (up 5% – 10%) of Lam Dong People’s Committee, house for sale in Dalat market, there are signs of hot gradually up over many years ago. Especially, in the days after Lunar New Year, together with the policy of re-planning Da Lat to become a central city in the future and plus the adjustment of exchange rates of the State Bank for gold, money USD and VND, the real estate market in Da Lat attracted more attention of investors than before.

According to statistics of some real estate companies, as of September 2017, revenue from real estate rental in Da Lat increased continuously. Da Lat’s rental market not only attracts domestic customers but also attracts a large number of foreigners to come here for tourism and relaxation.

Villa for rent in Da Lat
Villa for rent in Da Lat

Rental models in Da Lat are also very rich including: house; Villa; Villa; The hostel … especially Hometel. As a new lease model, Hometel has proved its charm as it is one of the most attractive and attractive properties in Dalat.

Compared to the rental market of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, the rental price in Da Lat is relatively high. For short-term rent, prices range from 500-5 million VND / day. For long-term rent in Da Lat, the lowest rent from around 8 million per unit. Despite the high price, the rental market of Da Lat is always in a state of fire, overload especially in the holidays, Tet when the number of tourists over here is too crowded.

Now you know about the potential of Dalat, it has begun to be realized by investors through a series of real estate tourism. Therefore, if you really want to invest in this golden land, you would better to be hurry up, before all the most valuable lands have been taken away.

Thang Tran – Mogi.vn



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