Experience of choosing an office for lease in Hanoi

With the development of the country in the direction of modernization as today, the work increasingly more. This is also the reason why the need to find an office for lease in Hanoi becomes more difficult. Because of a large city, large population such as Hanoi, there is a lot of demand for rent premises or office work. So you need to find out more experience renting space can choose the appropriate site or office suitable for use.

In large and populous cities, the need for job search becomes easier. But next to that, the demand for renting space has become much more difficult. You need to pay attention to some points if you want to lease a office in Hanoi to work more effectively.

Identifying the area you need to rent an office space

The first thing to note is that you need to determine the location where you need to rent a space or office to work. Location will greatly affect the sales, business potential of your business. For example, you need to rent an office in Hanoi. Before choosing an office, you should set out the business direction, master the purpose of renting this site for what? In addition to answering the question of why you have to rent in this area, can you rent in the next area or not? Thorough market research will help you simplify this selection process.

Choosing a good location to choose an office for lease in Hanoi helps a lot for your work later. Many people are interested in choosing a site to rent feng shui to bring more luck. You just have to choose the most advantageous location to rent space is okay.

You should specify the location of the office for rent
You should specify the location of the office for rent

Determining the estimated cost of rent space

The second point to consider when renting a suitable property is the estimated rent. When it comes to determining the right place to rent an office then the next thing to consider is how much should be spent to rent the office. How to make the most cost-effective and economical office space for your business? This depends on the calculation and a little more willingness to take risks. Sometimes, you can accept a higher-than-expected rent, but in the next 2-3 years, this business location will bring you more than the amount you pay. .

That is the long-term orientation for large enterprises. You have to spend a lot more money than usual to rent an office but you will get a much higher profit from the office itself.

Infrastructure conditions and equipment of the office

An enterprise can’t operate well without the support of infrastructure and equipment. Air conditioning doesn’t work, or electricity is flickering at times that will hinder the company’s business processes, cause discomfort and reduce the productivity of employees.

That is why you should carefully check the electrical equipment in the office you need to rent. If there is any damage, it should be discussed with the landlord promptly. Particularly in the lease contract should be condition that the equipment is in good condition, not damaged.

What is the type of office to rent?

Many businesses still choose the type of office as: apartment, house or less than villas to do business. However, the current trend is the office package – smart office. This type of office allows businesses to be used as a business registration office, office, representative office, etc. Comes with these services, office utilities package It is quite attractive: fully equipped modern office, beautiful and professional receptionists, there is a living room, luxurious meeting room. Businesses only need to pay the only cost to utilize these utilities.

Select the appropriate type of office to rent
Select the appropriate type of office to rent

Is the area around the rental property good?

The criteria for choosing the best office for lease in Hanoi is the potential to achieve business profits. However, some objective factors are still worth considering when looking for office space. Is this place convenient for transportation, parking for guests, customers easily find office or not? Everything should be well prepared so that you can find the office that best serves the purpose of the business.

In addition, you need to look around the location of your rented office close to the city center, near important places such as hospitals, commercial centers, administrative offices that benefit for your work.

Negotiation attitude with the office owner

One of the things that you need to consider is the attitude you have when negotiating with your landlord. A courteous, friendly, trustworthy attitude will help you to quickly sign a contract with a good office renter. You also need to capture the psychology of the landlord.

In any negotiation, grasp the psychology of the partner is very important. Through the attitude, gesture or words of the landlord you can know if they are satisfied, hesitant, or disagree with the price you ask. From there, you can adjust office rents in a way that suits the interests of both parties. As your lease is about to expire, you understand that the landlord is someone who enjoys stability and will probably have difficulty finding a new tenant. Then you can offer to extend the contract at a lower price than initially.

So when you know the things to note as you will quickly select the most suitable co-working space in Hanoi. You can search for quality offices at many websites, or search for offices directly. Consider and choose the right office to help your business grow.

Thang Tran – Mogi.vn

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