Experience to lease a office in Saigon

The demand for rental housing, office space and leasing is increasing. Especially in big cities like HCMC, this demand is even bigger. In order to be able to do business and develop effectively, renting a space is very important to be paid attention. Do you have experience to lease a office in Saigon? If not, you can refer to some information as below to know how to choose rent offline.

Experience of renting a office in Saigon

Business or office premises play an important role in the work of every person. You can choose the right office to work effectively. But if you still don’t know thoroughly about the lease, it may not bring you many advantages as desired. Therefore, it is needed to know some of the experience to lease a office in Saigon.

You need to answer the following questions to gain the necessary experience to choose the right premises.

What is the purpose of renting a space?

First you need to understand the purpose of renting your space for what? Is it you want to rent premises for business or to work? Specifying the purpose of use of the premises helps you quickly select the appropriate one. If you want to rent a space to work so you should choose the best quality office. If you want to rent premises to do business so just choose the premises near the road, suitable location for your business.

Note when choosing the right premises
Note when choosing the right premises

The price of the lease depends on the location and the area. And the second thing you need to determine when choosing a space is its area. You should consider renting a space with suitable area. Remember that don’t choose to rent too small or too large space. For areas with too small area , it won’t help you work effectively. If you choose to rent a space is too large and it will cost you a large sum.

Another thing to consider when renting a flat is how long it will take, and how often you start renting it. Determine the lease term, then you should set aside a reasonable time to choose the rent.

Specific negotiations with the landlord

Landlords also play an equally important role in renting space. You need to specifically negotiate with the owner about the terms in the contract. Matters such as rent space, the term rent space should be clearly noted in the contract. In addition, there are other details such as area of the premises, electricity price, water fee, working hours (at offices usually work from Monday to Saturday), parking lot of employees…

These are the information you need to care about when you want to lease a office in Saigon.

How to find an office for lease in Saigon

There are many ways to help you choose the right space for you. You can use the information channels such as facebook, the website, to post the need to rent a space or an office. The easiest way is search on Google to find the keyword will go to the real estate site. You can contact the landlord through the contact information on it.

If you choose a site or office with the right conditions then choose to rent right, don’t hesitate because there are many other needs as well. If you want to be more secure then you can search for a rental property directly in the desired location. When looking for a direct space like this you have the opportunity to check the ground with your needs. This will help you choose a quick office for lease in Saigon.

How to negotiate the lease?

In addition to specifying your rental goals, you also need to be prepared to negotiate with your landlord. So when you negotiate with the landlord, what should you prepare?

How to negotiate successfully with the landlord?
How to negotiate successfully with the landlord?

For business people, getting the first impression is extremely important. First of all, show it through your outward appearance like clothes, hair and shoes… With your hazy appearance, they may not trust you, or think you aren’t serious about renting, maybe even refuse before the talks take place. So, appear with a costume that makes you look professional.

Another important principle when you want to successfully negotiate with a tenant is your attitude. You need to be polite with simple actions such as handshake when meeting, remembering the name of the tenant, not saying more than necessary, not bragging, bragging … will help you to win sympathy. . This also makes negotiations less stressful and easier.

You should also show your trustworthiness with your landlord. Not only through costumes or polite behavior, you also have to show credibility by showing them your financial ability. That you are willing to pay the agreement and adhere to the principles set by the two parties. Moreover, if you are a reputable company in the market, the negotiation of price will be more profitable for both parties. Renters will understand that they can work with you for a long time, and it is not easy to get a good partner like you.

You also need to find out more about the market renting space. Knowing the market and getting a good deal of information on real estate business will be very beneficial for you. Not only are you looking for good offices and good conditions, you can also find out what the best price is.

So all the information above will help you to quickly find the best co-working space in Saigon for you. You should find out more to choose your location advantage and choose to rent, serve your work better.

Thang Tran – Mogi.vn

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