Why do foreigners choose living in Saigon?

Cách chọn màu sơn hợp phong thủy
Cách chọn màu sơn hợp phong thủy

Why many foreigners choose living in Saigon? What is the advantage of this city to attract so much to live here? Does the real estate situation in this city bring convenience to foreigners living there? To find the answers to all the questions above you can refer to some of the information as follows.

Why many foreigners choose living in Saigon?

Ho Chi Minh City has long been a place to attract many people to focus here to live and work. This is not only for people in the country and for foreigners who also love to live here. There are quite a few reasons why Saigon has attracted so many people.

First of all, what attracts foreign visitors to Vietnam is the beauty, culture and people of Vietnam. Coming to Saigon because here is the strange charm. There will be many places to explore, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious specialties from this most dynamic city.

Many foreigners choose living in Saigon because many reasons

Being the key economy of Vietnam, so job opportunities in Ho Chi Minh City are likely to be higher than other cities. So you can easily find the right job here to work. For foreigners, employment opportunities are higher. You can find stable jobs with the right salary. That’s reason why many people choose living in Saigon.

A special thing that makes many people choose Saigon as a place to live and work in long time because the real estate situation here is quite stable, suitable for many people. For each person with a job, different salaries can be sought for the apartment in accordance with their salary.

Which area in Saigon is preferred by foreigners?

What is the top districts for expat living in Saigon? It can be seen that some areas in Ho Chi Minh City are very popular with foreigners to choose to live. Especially in Phu My Hung area in district 7. Foreigners here focus on small communities by nationality such as Koreans, Taiwan, Europe … They brought here the lifestyle and culture of their country, building this urban area into a international cities, cultural diversity …

Foreigners choose a few areas to live in

According to the preliminary survey of Phu My Hung investor, from 2013 to 2015, the number of foreigners living and working in urban areas increased from 11,000 to nearly 15,000 people (a 35% increase in only 2 years). So, the number of foreigners concentrating on Saigon is increasing.

Not only in District 7, but in some other downtown districts also attracted many foreigners living. Especially in District 1 and District 2. Because this is a central area, that is very convenient for living and working.

Each location has its own gadget that should be a lot of options to find the right apartment to rent. If you want to rent apartment in Saigon, so you should set criteria to find the right apartment for you. If you want to find an apartment in the downtown area then you should have a large sum of money to pay. Certainly the cost of living here is much higher than in other areas.

Refer to some criteria for choosing the right apartment to rent

If you choose living in Saigon, then it is best to find a suitable apartment. And if you want to find a suitable apartment, then you have to choose the criteria to choose the apartment.

1. Reasonable space design

Proper apartment space design is the first criterion to evaluate an apartment. The apartment should have a common living space to serve the needs of the whole family, typically living room and kitchen are the ideal place for the whole family.

2. Private space is comfortable and spacious

Bedrooms don’t require aesthetics too high but it must be designed so that the appropriate color that doesn’t affect the quality of sleep. Bedrooms should be designed with enough space including bed, wardrobe, dressing table, sandal …

You should rely on some criteria before choosing an apartment to rent

3. Have a convenient location

In general, the apartment should be located in a convenient location for your travel and activities. A convenient location is good for both business and convenience in trading, it also supports brand advertising and feng shui.

Besides, this location must ensure hygiene, bright direction, green trees, cool scenery, convenient street traffic. In addition, renters need to pay attention to flooding, many people abstain from flooding.

4. Rent of the apartment

You also need to rely on the rent to choose the right apartment. With high-priced apartments, they are generally well-equipped with high quality amenities. With low-cost quilts, it is often not possible to have all the amenities and services available. You should first determine your rent to find the right apartment faster.

5. Security and quality management

An extremely important criterion that you shouldn’t ignore when you choose to rent an apartment is the security of the apartment and around the apartment. You need to find out and check carefully whether the area around the apartment you will rent is safe, secure and orderly or not.

This will ensure the safety of yourself and your property later on. So go around the apartment and survey the security situation here. You can ask neighbors, ask the people living around here.

6. Select a reputable brokerage address

You want to find the right apartment to rent to serve the needs of living in Saigon permanently but you don’t have much experiences, then you can ask for the help of the real estate broker. You just need to find out all the requirements and criteria for finding the right apartment for your broker, they will search for you the most suitable apartment. Then you can choose yourself the best apartment to choose from.

With the above information hope to help you find a suitable apartment for you to rent and living in Saigon.

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