House for rent in Tay Ho – Attractive “piece of cake”

House for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi for foreigners is a lucrative “piece of cake” for investors. Especially in recent years, when the economic recovery, the business environment is open, FDI flows have increased sharply with the surge of foreign experts and their families working in Vietnam.

Luxury apartment for foreigners is hotter than ever

According to the report of some research firms, in recent period segment of luxury apartments has remarkable growth in the Hanoi house for rent market. Particularly, in the serviced apartment segment with the majority of foreigners, according to CBRE, by the third quarter of 2017, the total supply of serviced apartments reached 3,239 units.

In particular, the supply of Grade A serviced apartments accounted for 71% of total supply in the market, with the largest market share in Tay Ho, Ba Dinh and Nam Tu Liem districts. The supply of apartments for rent has become plentiful as in the last few years, high-end apartments developed by owners and owners have been “leveraged” to become heavyweights.

Explaining the attractiveness of house for rent in Tay Ho, experts said that with the characteristics of FDI companies often located at central locations, foreign personnel work here, they often want to live in the central areas such as Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, etc for transportation. In addition, as they are accustomed to high standards of living in their home countries, foreigners tend to choose to rent apartments, high-end urban areas, modern to easily adapt to life.

House for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi market is expected to become more vibrant

Therefore, all serviced apartments such as Lotte, Pacific Place or apartments such as Vincom Ba Trieu, Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vinhomes Royal City always have a high occupancy rate. Regarding the area, Tay Ho and Ba Dinh is always two districts exploit apartments for rent with the highest absorption rate of the houses in Vietnam market.

According to experts and research firms, the house for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi market is expected to become more vibrant as a series of large apartment projects are expected to come into operation in 2017. Especially the central area with world-class projects with secure security – the top rated element of foreign guests will be the number one choice for these foreign guests.

Vinhomes Metropolis – Golden investment opportunity

Located in the heart of Ba Dinh District, Vinhomes Metropolis – 29 Lieu Giai with over 1000 luxury apartments, is the project is the most sought after investors because of the great potential profit in the future. In the medium term, this luxury apartment can bring immediate profit thanks to rental exploitation.

Specifically, around the Vinhomes Metropolis is a potential tenant community of senior diplomats and foreign experts who work at embassies or luxury office towers. Certainly with their level, these professionals will want a comfortable life that is comfortable and convenient for work and with such standards, almost only this project of Vinhomes is met. applicants are required.

The owner also donated luxury furniture package for customers

Investors said that this is a good opportunity in Hanoi house for rent because the profit is quite stable because investors do not have to look for clients, negotiate contracts or operate rental apartments. Not only that, the owner also donated luxury furniture package for customers. One bedroom apartment was offered 160 million dong, 2 bedrooms were offered 250 million Vietnam Dong and 3 bedrooms were offered 280 million Vietnam Dong.

All of the remaining equipments are handed over to all customers with super-advanced conditions such as central air conditioners, Duravit and Hansgrohe high-grade sanitary ware, glass system Especially, for investors investing in 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments, investors are offering free 10-year service fee, so if the first 10 years in the customer There is no need to pay any additional fees, and the renter does not have to worry about monthly payments.

In July 2015, the Law on Housing and Real Estate Business officially opened for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese to own real estate in Vietnam. This move has added force to the market of houses in Vietnam, and bring a lot of profit for investors, who has a wide vision in this segment.

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