Virtual office – How to rent virtual office in Saigon?

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What is virtual office? Nowadays quite a lot of people come to this type of office to choose to hire for work. Does this type of office bring any advantages or not? And how to rent virtual office in Saigon? Let’s find out the answers through some information as follows.

What is virtual office

A virtual office is a term used to refer to a representative office in which all transaction information is redirected to the actual transaction office. Initially companies haven’t opened many branches so they only have one office address in one place. Setting up a virtual office will be a great help in expanding their brand later on.

Finding a suitable virtual office in Saigon to rent

For new companies or start-up businesses that do not have much capital to open more branches, they will choose the method of renting virtual offices. You won’t need to spend a fortune to rent a long term office in a lavish city like Saigon. Businesses / individuals can still rent virtual offices with fully equipped facilities catering to the needs of everyone.

The legality of virtual office

The Enterprise Law defines “enterprise” as an economic organization with its own name, having a stable transaction office and having assets registered for the purpose of conducting business activities.

The transaction office must be located in the territory of Vietnam; Have the address determined, including the house number, name of the commune, precinct, province / city, and must be notified to the business registration office.

The law doesn’t prohibit businesses and companies from registering for virtual offices

Currently, the law doesn’t contain provisions prohibiting businesses to rent virtual offices as a main office. This has enabled the virtual office model to perform better than before.

According to the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, enterprises have to take responsibility for the truthfulness of address when registering business. Besides, the Department also doesn’t prohibit companies and businesses from registering for virtual offices.

With this, you can be assured of finding the right virtual office in Saigon for rent. It will help to better serve your work.

The benefits of virtual office

With the advantages and benefits that virtual offices bring, many companies have begun to look favorably at this type of office and believe in using it for their business. This virtual office will give users many benefits such as:

+ Saves a lot of money compared to renting a long term office.

+ Equipped with full facilities such as: desk, chairs, wardrobe, records, books, air conditioning, wifi, water heater / water, electricity, mobile, private fax for communication…

+ Virtual office leasing companies are based in the central districts, so they are convenient for transactions and exchanging information with customers.

+ The information is absolutely confidential so customers won’t need to fear losing or disclose their confidential documents.

+ The address, phone number, fax number, the profile is highly stable so the company / business can be assured to rent virtual office for a long time.

Based on the advantages of the above, you can rest assured to find a virtual office in Saigon to rent. You can also learn some more experiences to rent a good office.

Experience of finding a suitable virtual office in Saigon

If you want to find a suitable virtual office in Saigon for rent you can refer to several notes as follows.

You should find out before choosing the right office to rent

Don’t need to choose to rent office in central location

It’s not necessary to set up a virtual office in the central location, in central districts for the following reasons:

– Difficult to travel, in the central position, the traffic often congestion.

– It takes a lot of monthly tax expense, a location far away from the center will save a lot of costs for tax reporting services monthly, only have to report the annual tax.

– The cost of renting a central office is usually higher than in the surrounding area.

– Choose the location where traffic is convenient, the number of passers just right.

– With the nature of virtual office rental companies, they often have very little contact with customers at the company, mainly is their work efficiency.

Learn about the comfort of the office

An office space rental should always be equipped with all necessary amenities. For example, the office needs to have a clean and fragrant toilet. Next to it is a fully equipped as an office, these are extremely important facilities in any office. Other important amenities is including close proximity to public transport, elevators, covered parking. Not all buildings with amenities will be located in prime locations, so you can potentially save on rental fees.

Learn about the cost of renting an office

Of course, price plays an important role in choosing the best office space. Money spent on your monthly rent may have a negative impact on your business profits and also become a serious miscalculation if not resolved quickly.

As a business owner, you most likely have a specific grasp of how much your business rent can afford to pay monthly. Finding the right office space for rent is a task that you have to think a lot and that office has a reasonable price is even more important. So you should consult the office rental rates before choosing to rent.

Here are the answers to questions about virtual office and the experience of finding a virtual office in Saigon to rent.

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