Where to rent a serviced apartment in Saigon

Living in a serviced apartment is very convinent

Many expats around the world are moving to live a new life in Saigon. And more and more people are choosing serviced apartment instead or normal apartment thanks to many advantages such as great security or housekeeping. Although you can find a good serviced apartment anywhere in Ho Chi Minh city, District 7 is still recommended first, as a “heaven of serviced apartment in Saigon”.

Since almost every apartment building has some serviced apartments for rent, here are Mogi’s suggestions that you defenitely should consider when moving into a new home in narrow Saigon:

1. Him Lam Riverside

Him Lam Riverside, Diamond Location – Golden Connection

Him Lam Riverside is located at a perfect location. It has 35m wide road frontage and is only about 300 meters to North-South Highway, lies right at the meeting place of Ong Lon, Rach Bang and Ong Doi rivers. Him Lam Riverside inherited the available social and technique infrastructure achievements (Lotte Mart Supermarket, commercial complexes, international schools, stadiums, etc) and harmonizes with nature at a same time. Living in a Him Lam apartment, you and your family are going to enjoy a life full of sun, wind and the green living space.

With many big streets around such as Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Nguyen Thi Thap, Khanh Hoi, Le Van Luong streets, it is very convenient for residents to go to workplace or downtown. Moreover, Him Lam Bridge is going to be completes in the near future, making it even easier to connect to the neighboring districts. Having a serviced apartment in District 7, especially Him Lam Riverside won’t make you feel tired of being in the most populous city in Vietnam.

Phu My Hung

We don’t have much to say about this area since it has been too popular since it was built 20 years ago. Phu My Hung has somehow set a modern living standard in not only Saigon but Vietnam. Phu My Hung is the largest area in District 7, therefore finding a serviced apartment for rent here is not difficult. However, Phu My Hung is aimed at wealthy residents, so leasing price is more expensive than other areas of the city.

Great living space at every corner of Phu My Hung

Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose serviced apartment for rent in district 7 because there are plenty of choices to choose at Phu My Hung: Happy Valley, Sky Garden, The Panorama, Green Valley, etc.


Evergreen is a new project which is now attracting a lot of real estate interests. This is going to be a high-end, multi-purpose facility with international standards and of course, for high-income audiences.

The promising project is located at Nguyen Luong Bang – Phu My Ward, surrounded by 3 sides of the river – which seems impossible but it’s true! This place is the center of economic activities, investment and commercial activities of the city.

EverGreen has a total area of 7.4 hectares with total investment up to 1800 billion VND. Meeting the needs of wealthy customers, it featured villa complexes, adjacent garden houses, apartments, etc.

Everything will be five-star luxury, from a park system to 3 sides terrain bordering the river or Panorama swimming pool up to 1.5 km. It is hoped to be called a perfect retreat for the billionaire inhabitants. An in such a place, there must be a high number of serviced apartments for rent.

If you are seeking for a serviced apartment for rent in district 7 or serviced apartment for rent in Saigon, Mogi can help you with our big source of information. You will surely enjoy your time in beautiful Saigon.


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