How to rent apartment in Phu My Hung

You know how to rent apartment in Phu My Hung? This is an apartment complex where many foreigners live. Living and working in District 7 also bring you many conveniences. If you intend to rent a house here can refer to some information as follows. You will have the experience to choose a suitable apartment to rent.

Are there any benefit when living and working in District 7?

District 7 is strategically located, the southern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, attracting many domestic and foreign investment projects, especially real estate projects. With favorable location, the infrastructure has been strongly developed and focused on many utilities, which have become the center of attraction for many investors and local and foreign residents come here to live.

Choosing to live in District 7 gives you many conveniences

Choosing an apartment here to live will bring you quite a lot of benefits. The apartments or high quality flats here are located quite close to the facilities in daily life. People will enjoy quality healthcare facilities with many internationally renowned hospitals.

Particularly, District 7 is considered to be better than any other area of Saigon. Neighborhood security is monitored by security guards, which are monitored 24 hours a day. And most notably is the Phu My Hung apartment complex, which is home to a large number of foreigners.

For those who love living in District 7 can rent apartment in Phu My Hung. This is considered a small expat community in Saigon with Asia expat living areas and Western communities live together.

Why you should rent apartment in Phu My Hung to live?

Through the advantages of living in District 7 as above you can choose to rent apartments here to live and work. In District 7 there have the high-end condominiums, that have many expat living in Vietnam are Phu My Hung. And why many people choose apartments in Phu My Hung to rent?

If you want to rent apartment in Phu My Hung you should find out some information first

The first is because of the prestige brand. A point that is easy to see from all customers when assessing the success of real estate projects PMH is full infrastructure, thoughtful services, information transparency. PMH’s real estate projects are highly valued for their high quality.

For people with high salary and stable, the choice of an apartment in Phu My Hung for rent is very wise. Here you will enjoy a full range of high quality services, first-class facilities for residents. Do you have experience in finding the right apartment to rent at PMH? Let’s refer to the following information.

Experiences of choosing rent apartment in Phu My Hung urban area

If you want to rent apartment in Phu My Hung, you have to have some experiences.

Phu My Hung – one of the most venerable urban spaces in Vietnam, located in the heart of District 7, the heart of Saigon South. This is a closed urban area and offers residents a dream living space, not only modern but comfortable, but also extremely close to nature, fresh and quiet. Phu My Hung is invested to thousands of green trees alternating around the living area of the buildings, with 24/24 security with professional security team is always on guard.

Select the right apartment for rent at PMH

As one of the first urban areas to be built and put into operation 20 years ago, to date, the entire Phu My Hung area has over 50 apartment blocks, along with many luxury villas and townhouses, meeting the needs of many levels of the population from all citizens that have a need to live here. This is because there are many blocks of apartments with different characteristics, advantages and prices, so when buying / renting apartments in Phu My Hung, customers will need to learn thoroughly and hear from Specific issues can make the right decision.

You can refer to the apartment selection suggestion at the price you can pay each month.

– The price is less than 8 million dong / month: The price for this is the apartments in Hung Vuong 1-2-3-4 or Sky Garden 1. These are apartments built from the beginning, facilities can no longer meet the technological advances and many other factors, there may even be no elevator to serve the daily needs. However, these apartments are still being improved, meeting the high quality of Phu My Hung brand.

– The price is 10-12 million dong / month: Option for you in this price range is Ksy Garden 2-3. In each block, each apartment will have different rents, depending on the level of utility and location, the direction of the apartment.

– The price of 15 – 20 million per month: With this price, customers will have more options in the block higher level, with 3 bedrooms and other convenient facilities. The areas to choose from are Sky Garden 2-3, Happy Valley, River Park or Star Hill.

– In addition, if you are financially secure and want to experience cohabitation in the most luxurious apartments in Phu My Hung, you can find great options at Grandview ABC, Kenh Dao area. , Crescent, Riverside Residence … At these luxury apartments in these areas, you will live in a paradise space with all facilities and services. The rent is usually over 20 million per month.

So you can rely on the information as above to choose the most suitable apartment for rent. Choosing an apartment that suits your needs and interests will help you in your future.

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