Taking some note if you want to rent apartment in Saigon

You have a need to search apartment for rent to live in Saigon? Do you have any experience in finding the right apartment to rent? Besides what should be noted about legal procedures when you want to rent apartment in Saigon? You will need the exact answer to the above questions, so let’s take a look at some of the information below.

Living in Saigon will bring you many utilities

Many people prefer to rent apartment in Saigon to live and work. Simply because there have many gadgets for resident living here. Living in a city with the most outstanding economy in Vietnam will bring you many advantages. First of all there are many conveniences in life such as modern technology, good community service, many commercial centers, high quality apartments. All this is to help the lives of the people become better.

Living in Saigon will bring you many benefits

If you choose to live and work in Saigon you will have the opportunity to find many suitable jobs for you. There will be different types of jobs with different salaries available to you. Only with that much benefit is enough to make Saigon become the most attractive city in Vietnam.

If you want to live in Saigon for long term you need to rent apartment in Saigon or buy apartments here. First of all you need to learn about the experience of renting a flat with some legal procedure for renting apartment.

Legal procedure for renting apartment

About the experience renting apartments you can learn more. First of all you should create a list of criteria for choosing the right apartment for you. Then rely on that to find the apartment will be faster. A few criteria you can rely on to choose the right apartment: favorable location, security, comfort of the apartment, the price of the apartment, the lease.

You should take some note if you want to rent apartment in Saigon

The more important thing that you need to know thoroughly is the legal need to know when to rent an apartment. You can then sign an effective lease agreement. Some things you need to know clearly are:

Be aware of whether the apartment is being mortgaged or not.

You should check whether the apartment you want to rent is mortgaged or not. If yes, please tell the owner of the apartment whether the bank has permission to rent the apartment or not. Typically, a mortgage agreement usually states that without the approval of the bank, the apartment isn’t used for rental purposes.

Entity signing the contract

This is also important in the case of a rented home or apartment. If the couple’s property is in the name of the husband and wife, both spouses must jointly sign the lease contract. In the case of a signer, the authorization must be notarized or authenticated by the State.

You should be aware of some legal issues before agreeing to a lease

In case of a person’s property, he / she must have one of the following papers: a certificate of his / her identity, a written certification of his / her own property, proof of inheritance and a separate donation.

The status of the house, property, equipment available in the house

To avoid conflicts, the two sides need to agree on the status of home, property, equipment in the house so that when the lease term expires. Tenants should check the apartment carefully before agreeing to rent. Any damage to your home will be incurred without prior inspection and doing a contract at that time.

Form of the lease

The house lease contract must be made in writing and must comply with the form prescribed in Article 492 of the 2005 Civil Code. Go to Civil Code 2015 replaced by a reference to Article 121 of the Housing Act 2014:

Housing contracts are agreed upon by the parties and must be made in writing. However, the lease is also one of the lease of real estate, if you sign a contract with an individual or entity dealing in real estate will be subject to the Law on Business movables.

Notarization, authentication

The Civil Code 2015 has inherited and formally adjusted the removal of the term of civil servant or endorsement with respect to the lease contract for a term of six months or more. However, notarization of the lease will ensure better legal value for the parties, so it is always encouraged by the authorities to implement, limiting the dispute.

Important terms in the contract

The contract should specify the terms related to the lease as follows:

  • Leasing term (year or month).
  • Start date and expiration date.
  • Points to note before the contract termination date.
  • Do tenants intend to continue renting when the contract expires?
  • There is a “contract breach clause” that allows the parties to terminate the contract after a certain period of time due to the occurrence of the incident.

Rental agreements should also include the following:

  • Renting fee.
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly renting fee.
  • Rent includes other costs such as parking fees, management fees … ..
  • Time of rental payment (for example, on a certain day of the month)
  • Payment method (cash, transfer, …)
  • If the tenant fails to pay on time it is considered not paying the rent and there is no penalty.

So you should find out through the legal notes above to make renting easier. If you feel that all of this is a bit complicated or you don’t have much time to learn, then it is best to use the property agency service. You will need to search out a reputable brokerage address to help you rent apartment in Saigon in the most effective way.

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